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Using music and media to inspire health, hope, and healing, since 1999.


“If youth aren’t learning the way that we teach, we need to teach the way they learn and that goes for what they’re learning.”

Headquartered in Northern Virginia, with regional offices in the United States and the Caribbean, LIFE 20/20 is a mission-driven firm that helps clients measurably improve health and education outcomes linked to behavior, culture, and lifestyle. Our arts-infused experiences are curated for audiences of all sizes, including an audience of one. Additionally, our health education programs and enhanced services are designed to meet developmental, educational, and therapeutic needs of young people and their families, regardless of family background or other risk factors linked to economic or social disadvantage. 

Our signature products integrate music, media, and culture illuminating health, hope, and healing. We provide tools and training that reduces dis-ease, while also addressing: 

  1. National and state-adopted standards of learning;

  2. Common decency and civility;

  3. Critical consciousness about social constructs like to race, class, gender and sexual orientation;

  4. Identity formation and development, values clarification, coping strategies, and communication norms;

  5. Key competencies and skills required to thrive in school and beyond.


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Areas of Practice


We understand that comprehensive mental health services are most effective when provided through a multitiered system of supports (MTSS). MTSS encompasses the continuum of need, enabling school personnel and those who support young people in community settings to address their academic, social, and emotional needs. Educators, clinicians, and other youth-serving practitioners receive training in the use of our evidence-based approaches to youth engagement for teaching learning and therapeutic purposes.  Integrating  music and media ensures the engagement of teachers and learners by incorporating select elements of history, culture, and lifestyle.


Our products have been designed to integrate key elements of culture and lifestyle. Research indicates that incorporating these elements gives clinicians, educators, and practitioners the tools to engage young people in a way that is culturally-relevant, familiar, and responsive to their developmental needs. This approach to teaching, enrichment, and therapy leads to measurable improvements in young peoples’ academic, behavioral, emotional, moral, and social competencies. We customize and license our products, giving those trained the tools to deliver youth and family-friendly services.


Our six signature programs may be implemented by trained and licensed providers in formal and informal learning spaces, including clinical and community settings. Our evidence-based approach to engaging young people uses select features of music and media to prompt critical thinking, self-reflection and new insights about recurring themes and messages that appeal to the senses, especially during childhood and adolescence. We address attributes in music and media that improve health and media literacy by focusing on the content and context that is shaping young people’s attitudes, beliefs, and choices (ABCs).


Education without purpose is meaningless, pointless, and unfulfilling. Purpose gives intelligence a reason for being. The education of people must be based on the problems that they have to solve.
— Amos Wilson


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